Its been a long wait for Summer to arrive, not to mention the lifting of lockdown! However, the British public are ready to party now the handcuffs are off and ready to get back full swing to party life! The prolonged absence of friends and family gathering has been heart breaking. So now the government have given the go ahead for  events, from summer weddings, graduation parties, family gatherings, friends re united or even a function like christenings or birthdays, the summer is a perfect time of year to have an outdoor function.

North Wales and the North west settings  is an ideal backdrop to any function, but there are things to keep in mind when planning a marquee event in your grounds, garden or fields. First, consider your land. Will you be on hard standing? What type of ground? How level? Will you be on a rocky ledge? Varying factors like these will affect the installation of your tent. However, at we will do all this on our free site visit.

The British summer is prime outdoor party time. There are graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, showers and summer cookouts. Tired of searching for the perfect venue for your event? Hire a marquee from  and you can host your next party right at home in your own garden!

So how to turn your garden into a party with

How can you decorate your garden ?

To turn your garden into a great, summer party, it’s not just about the tent/marquee , but also about the decorations. Pay attention to colours, textures, and layout to create the ideal landscape for your special event.


Lighting is the key for setting the mood for your party. Think about your options.

Christmas lights or standard lights

First, think about your colour: do you want elegant, all-white lights or a fun strands of multi-coloured bulbs?

Christmas lights are a great option for many different kinds of events because they are extremely versatile and inexpensive. You can add these yourself for very little cost, or no cost if you have some hanging around from Christmas.

Try hanging these sparkling strands from the ceiling or along the walls. They also look great spiralled around tent/marquee poles or tree trunks. Or, you can even mix strands of Christmas lights among flowers in a table setting.

We can also supply standards ceiling lights that will brighten up your event.

Paper lanterns

To make a bold statement with lighting, try using paper lanterns. They come in a variety of different shapes and colours, so you can have anything from soft, white globes to flashy, blue star-shapes. They are a fun way to add colour even with no light inside.

To illuminate the tent, hang rows of paper lanterns from the ceiling. In lieu of candles, place a couple of paper lanterns on each table as a unique centrepiece. Or, create an enticing entrance to your marquee by lining a pathway with paper lanterns.


When you rent a marquee, you can transform your garden into any kind of party you desire. It also ensures protections from the elements whether it be the sun or rain. One of the first things to consider is how you will furnish your tent. We can discuss all the options with our free site visit from

Dance floor

If you plan to spend your party dancing the night away with your guests, then you’ll need a proper dance floor.

At , you can choose from two different kinds of dance floors, a traditional wooden parquet floor or a New style plank floor.

Don’t have a dance party without a proper place for you and your guests to show off your moves on the dance floor.

Tables and chairs

The tables and chairs that you choose will greatly affect the landscape and ambiance of your party.

Do you want lots of small, intimate tables where guests can enjoy quieter conversations? Or do you want a long, communal table where everyone is seated together?

Next, when it comes to decorating your tables and chairs, remember that this your chance to really get creative! You can use traditional, white tablecloths and candles if you’re seeking a classic, elegant style. Or, add colour and texture with hundreds of linens to choose from neon colours to burlap runners from 80s parties to rustic weddings.

To find the tables and chairs that you need, visit

Which tent should you choose?

When planning your garden party, the style of tent that you choose is extremely important. This will set the tone for your whole event. Here at marquee4u we have many opinion. When we visit you we can talk through all options available to suit your needs.

More tips for renting a marquee:

Of course, decorating the tent for your garden event is the most fun part of the party-planning process. But there are a few more things to think about along the way.

Save money

Planning a party can sometimes end up being an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, there are some easy ways for you to cut costs.

When it comes to renting a marquee, save money by picking it up yourself! If you are close to your marquee supplier and have room in your car to manage the load, this is a quick and easy way to avoid delivery fees and save a little extra money.  Marquee4u offers all different types of service

Plan ahead

When planning a special event, there are a lot of little details that need to come together. One thing that you do not want to leave until the last minute is the tent.

Many people think that they can put off reserving their marquee until only a month before the event. Unfortunately (especially in the summer months  it is the height of party season), marquees will be booked up very quickly. To ensure that you have the marquee you want for your special event, make a reservation at least four months in advance.

Do you have a special event coming up? Contact us ASAP

The beautiful weather in the summer makes it the perfect time to plan a party.

Instead of spending time looking for a decent venue for your special event, rent a marquee and host your party in your very own garden! With a bit of creative, DIY decoration, you can turn your garden into party central – and save money along the way.

Find the perfect marquee to hire for your garden party at ! Browse our different styles of tents and our available lighting, tables, chairs, and dance floors.

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